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Stifflers Driveshaft Safety Loop (’79-’98) and Other Ford’s & GM’s

  • Stifflers driveshaft safety loop


Stifflers' Driveshaft Safety Loop

Engineered to exceed NHRA regulations.

This one of a kind driveshaft safety loop will save you and your investment from the destructive effects of a broken driveshaft. Quick and easy bolt-in application requires no drilling or welding and weighs almost 2 lbs. less than most popular styles! Works with a variety of both Ford and GM automatic and manual transmissions (see below) and does not interfere with most aftermarket exhaust.Comes complete with all mounting hardware.

Launch hard with confidence!

  Partial removal of torque arm boss on TR3550,  TKO-500 & 600's is required

(see install picture above)

            - Exceeds NHRA specs

            - No drilling, No welding, No hassle - Quick, bolt-in installation - Fits with these transmissions: Automatics (C4 (pan-fill), C5, AOD, AODE, A4LD, 4R70W, Power Glide, TH-350 and more.) Manuals (early model Top Loaders, TR-3550, TR-3650, T-45, T-5, T-56, TKO's) - Lightweight! (2 pounds less than typical loops) - Works with large diameter aluminum driveshafts - Powder coated for long life - Complete with all hardware   - '96~'98 Cobras and Fox cars using a T-45 need to order P/N: DSL-M01 to ensure proper tunnel clearance - Modification required for 94~'95 GT's & Cobra's using factory exhaust hanger plate read more




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