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Stifflers FIT System (’94-’04)

  • Stifflers FIT system


The FIT System is a modular approach to achieving the ultimate  in chassis stiffness and strength through design.   By integrating three key components into a modular system, the Fully Integrated Technology (FIT) System has taken the next step beyond normal stiffening products. Not just randomly conceived and grouped together parts, countless hours of research and testing have gone into fully optimizing these systems!   End result..... the ultimate in chassis stiffening for your Mustang!  

                               This FIT System includes:

  Subframe Connectors .......P/N: SFC-M01

Stiffening Rails ...................P/N: SR-M01

    Web Brace ..........................P/N: WEB-M01

       -    Allows suspension to work as designed, giving overall improved ride quality, handling and increased range of suspension tuning. -    Transfers more power to the ground, not wasting it twisting and bending the chassis -    Launches straighter -    Stiffer chassis reduces or eliminates interior rattles and extends life of vehicle -    Weld locations free of powder coat, NO removal of powder coat required before installation for significant time savings. -    Slide-2-SizeTM mounting system makes Web Brace installation nearly effortless; simply slide bracket into place and weld, for a custom fit every time. -    Non-intrusive, no floors to cut, interior to remove or lines to relocate -    Ground clearance remains unchanged -    Increases side impact safety read more




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